Cayman Registered Office Services

Efficiency above all else

In the Cayman Islands, the law requires that every corporate entity or limited liability partnership have a registered office within the jurisdiction.

FundBank recognizes the challenges–both financial and logistical–of maintaining a registered office, especially for businesses operating globally. We offer a simple and efficient solution to this challenge, ensuring your compliance without the burden of managing a physical office in the Cayman Islands.

A convenient alternative to setting up and maintaining a Cayman office

Our Cayman Registered Offices Services for Corporations or Limited Liability Partnerships provides clients with a hassle-free alternative to the complex process of establishing and maintaining a physical office far from your operational base. By using our Cayman Registered Office service, you can meet your statutory and regulatory responsibilities by leveraging our skilled corporate services team based in our Cayman Islands operation.

In addition, our Registered Office service enhances corporate transparency by providing your company with a physical address reflected on the Cayman Islands public register. This registered office is also the official point of contact for governments, supervisory bodies, and other regulatory agencies. Our experienced staff are equipped to handle official notices sent to the registered office and respond efficiently in a timely manner.

FundBank’s corporate services professionals keep up-to-date with legal developments and changing requirements in Cayman and will highlight any potential issues that need to be brought to your attention together with solutions as to how you can remain compliant.

FundBank - Cayman Registered Office Services

Our Registered Office services

Our Registered Office services can include:

  • Establishing a local presence
    Providing a local mailing address for official notices and communications, coupled with a reliable mail forwarding service
  • Regulatory compliance
    Assisting in the preparation and submission of compliance documentation including:

    • preparation and submission of annual returns, as directed
    • attending to ongoing statutory requirements and filings with regulatory agencies
    • attending to annual Economic Substance filings
    • maintaining and attending to the Beneficial Owner requirements.
  • Document Handling
    Comprehensive document handling, encompassing certification, notarization, and the obtaining of certificates of good standing, ensuring your business meets all statutory requirements efficiently. This includes:

    • a location for the maintenance of statutory corporate or partnership records
    • certification and notarization of documents
    • obtaining certificates of good standing.

Why partner with FundBank?

Partnering with FundBank for your Cayman registered office needs offers a practical and cost-effective solution to meet your compliance requirements. Our team of corporate services professionals stays ahead of legal developments and evolving requirements, ensuring your business remains compliant and well-informed. With FundBank, you can redirect your focus towards achieving your core business objectives, secure in the knowledge that your Cayman compliance needs are expertly managed.

To find out more about our institutional banking services, reach out to your usual FundBank representative or contact us below:

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Frequently asked questions

How does FundBank ensure compliance with Cayman Islands corporate law?

FundBank stays abreast of the latest legal developments and changing requirements in the Cayman Islands, ensuring your business remains fully compliant through regular updates and proactive service adjustments.

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Can FundBank handle all communication with Cayman Islands regulatory bodies on our behalf?

Yes, FundBank can manage all communications with Cayman Islands regulatory bodies, acting as your official liaison. We can handle notices, filings, and any inquiries, ensuring efficient and timely responses.

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What are the costs associated with your Cayman Registered Office services?

Our Cayman Registered Office services are priced competitively, with fees structured to cover all essential services, including statutory compliance and mail forwarding. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

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How does the mail forwarding service work?

Our mail forwarding service promptly forwards all official correspondence to your designated address. The frequency of forwarding and specific arrangements can be customized to your preferences.

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Can FundBank assist with the preparation and submission of annual returns and other statutory filings?

Yes, FundBank assists with the preparation and submission of annual returns and all necessary statutory filings, ensuring your business meets all regulatory deadlines and requirements.

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How quickly can FundBank set up a registered office for our company in the Cayman Islands?

FundBank can establish your Cayman Islands registered office swiftly, typically within a few business days, following the receipt of all necessary documentation from you.

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What support does FundBank offer for ongoing statutory requirements and filings?

We can provide comprehensive support for ongoing statutory requirements and filings, including regular compliance checks, updates on legislative changes, and reminders for important deadlines to ensure continuous compliance.

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How do you handle the maintenance of statutory corporate or partnership records?

FundBank meticulously maintains statutory corporate or partnership records, ensuring they are up-to-date, securely stored, and readily accessible to you as required by Cayman Islands corporate law.

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