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The FundBank advantage

When I meet with prospective clients and fund administrators, one of the first questions I am asked is, "Why FundBank?  Why should we choose you and what makes you different?  It’s a simple answer; this is all we do. Our sole focus is to serve funds, asset managers and family offices. We don't do this as an accommodation or ancillary to other services or business lines - your business is our business! FundBank has no exposure to lending or duration risk.  With client assets being held off balance sheet, invested in government money market funds and overnight treasury REPOs, clients know that they can sleep at night knowing that their funds are safe.
The FundBank advantage


Who do we serve?

Banking solutions are the only services that we provide; this is all we do. We provide banking, custody and trade execution to the asset management industry. We serve:

  • hedge funds
  • private equity funds
  • venture capital funds
  • real estate funds
  • special purpose vehicles (SPVs)
  • private fund management firms
  • family offices.


The second question I am asked is often, “How long does it take to open an account with FundBank?”  If you have met the various AML and KYC requirements, an account can be opened within five business days.   This is thanks largely to our digitized, onboarding platform and our tech-enabled team of banking relationship managers who provide out clients with unparalleled support throughout the account opening process.

Solutions for the fund and the manager

FundBank’s service offering is comprehensive; we provide clients with bank accounts at the fund level, while also providing banking solutions for the investment manager.  From subscription and redemption accounts to custodial and escrow accounts, our bank accounts compliment a wide range of financial activities. We provide tailored accounts and correspondent relationships with leading institutions such as Bank of New York Mellon and State Street.

Find out more about our banking solutions


If you would like to learn more about FundBank and how we provide our clients with a seamless banking experience, please reach out to me below:

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