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The bull and bear of access to the markets: The FundBank approach

On 13th June 2024, our FundBank team led by Laura Accurso, Adam Rossiter and Elaine Whitefield were delighted to host a breakfast discussion to over 50 of our industry colleagues. Together with special guest speakers from the asset management industry, our panel discussed the pros and cons of the various ways to access the markets, highlighting the advantages of our Prime Access offering and how it can enhance efficiencies and best practice.
The bull and bear of access to the markets:  The FundBank approach

Event speakers

Moderated by:

Laura Accurso, FundBank
Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel


Adam Rossiter, FundBank
Chief Operating Officer

Elaine Whitefield, FundBank
Head of Custody and Trading

Camila Anderson, Overseas Asset Management
Manager of OAM European Value Fund

Alex Goulden, Bellecapital
Managing Partner

bull and bear


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