Fund of Funds Custody Solutions

Trust beyond limits - reducing operational risk

FundBank provides clients with a comprehensive fund of funds custody solution through a global network of relationships with top tier transfer agents and fund administrators.

At FundBank, we understand the complexities of managing fund of funds investments. That’s why we offer a comprehensive custody solution, designed to meet the unique needs of alternative asset managers. Through our network of transfer agents and fund administrators, we provide unparalleled global fund custody that helps you reduce operational risk, enhance your fund of funds offering, and focus on what you do best – maximizing investor returns.

Full-service Fund Custody Solutions

FundBank helps clients to reduce the administrative burden by providing a full-service solution that includes:

Expedited subscription processing
Leveraging FundBank’s established administrator network, we ensure your subscriptions are processed swiftly, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.
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Processing the crystallization of equalization shares
We specialize in the precise management of equalization shares crystallization, ensuring equitable treatment of all investors in fund of funds investments. Leveraging advanced technology, we streamline this complex process, reducing the administrative burden for our clients. Trust us to handle the intricacies, enabling you to focus on optimizing investor returns.
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Seamless trade execution
From subscriptions to redemptions, we handle all aspects of trade execution along with the completion of any necessary documentation required by the fund administrator.
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Secure custody of underlying assets
With FundBank, rest assured that your assets are safeguarded within our robust custody infrastructure, providing peace of mind and security for your investments.
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Comprehensive corporate action processing
Our platform simplifies the management of corporate actions and the crystallization of equalization shares, reducing your administrative load.
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Why choose FundBank

At FundBank, we leverage our extensive expertise and experience to provide our clients with robust custody reconciliation policies and procedures. We prioritize accuracy by cross-referencing and validating any static data held on behalf of the client against the Funds’ offering memorandum and prospectuses, ensuring that our clients’ assets are secure and accounted for at all times.

Efficiency driven by technology
FundBank is at the forefront of integrating AI and other fintech solutions to streamline your banking and investment processes. Our secure Online Custody Portal offers you real-time access to detailed transaction records, comprehensive holdings reports, and summaries, ensuring that transparency and accountability are always within reach.
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Global expertise combined with local compliance
Our international presence and knowledge of regulatory compliance in key markets ensures that your investments are managed securely and in accordance with local laws.
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Tailored solutions
We understand that one size does not fit all. Our services are customizable to fit the diverse needs of your portfolio, providing you with personalized solutions that truly make a difference
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To find out more about our fund of funds custody solutions, please reach out to your usual FundBank representative or contact us below.

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Frequently asked questions

How does separating fund administration from custody benefit investors?
Separating fund administration from fund of funds custody benefits investors by ensuring an added layer of security and oversight. This separation allows for independent verification of fund assets and transactions by different parties, minimizing the risk of errors or fraud and enhancing investor confidence in the fund’s integrity.
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What technologies do you leverage to enhance the custody process?
We utilize AI and advanced data analytics to streamline operations, enhance security, and provide real-time transparency in the custody process.
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Can you handle the global custody needs for funds of funds that invest internationally?
Yes, our global network and expertise in international markets allow us to effectively manage custody needs for funds of funds across multiple jurisdictions.
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How do you ensure the security and accuracy of fund assets under custody?
Our reconciliation policies, use cutting-edge security technologies. We perform regular audits to verify the accuracy and security of all assets under our custody.
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How is the crystallization of equalization shares processed?
The crystallization of equalization of shares is accurately calculated, then profits and losses are allocated among investors to ensure fairness. FundBank uses automated systems to manage and record these adjustments efficiently.
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How can I access reports and track the fund's activities under your custody?
Clients can access detailed reports and track fund activities via our secure Online Custody Portal, which provides comprehensive holdings reports and transaction summaries.
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How do you accommodate the unique needs of diverse fund of funds strategies?
We offer customizable solutions and work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, ensuring our services align with the unique strategies of each of your fund of funds.
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FundBank is an industry-leading institutional banking provider, delivering banking solutions to the asset management industry on a global scale.

As the needs of the funds industry are changing, so too have the requirements for banking relationships. At FundBank, we offer a full suite of banking services that are supported by industry-leading technology.

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As the needs of the asset management industry are changing, so have the requirements for banking relationships