Global Escrow Services

Providing tailored secure escrow arrangements across borders

FundBank specializes in providing bespoke escrow arrangements that cater to the complex needs of international transactions. Our services are designed to offer a cost-effective and secure way to facilitate the transfer of assets across multiple jurisdictions.

Tailored escrow services for global business transactions

Escrow services are a crucial component of the funds industry, providing a safe and secure way to hold assets during various stages of a transaction. Our international escrow services facilitate the transfer of assets between parties, ensuring that both parties fulfil the conditions of their underlying agreement before the assets are released. Our streamlined documentation process leads to reduced negotiation times and minimizes legal costs, providing a straightforward solution for your financial transactions.

Fund administrators rely on escrow services to mitigate transactional risk, protect their assets, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By leveraging the expertise of our trusted escrow services team, funds can facilitate complex transactions with confidence, while minimizing their exposure to potential risks and liabilities.

The FundBank advantage

FundBank is a trusted representative with cross-border escrow capabilities and a dedicated team of globally experienced professionals. We recognize the need for prompt and efficient solutions in managing international escrow transactions. Our dependable team is dedicated to delivering flexible and customer-centric escrow services.

Comprehensive coverage for diverse transaction types

FundBank covers a wide array of escrow transactions, including:

Mergers and acquisitions

We provide a secure intermediary for holding funds or assets until all contractual obligations are met, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transition.

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Asset sales/divestments

Our escrow solutions facilitate asset sales and divestments by securely holding proceeds or assets, protecting the interests of all parties involved until the finalization of the sale.

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Acquisition financing

We offer escrow services to hold and disburse funds according to the financing agreement, ensuring compliance and transparency throughout the transaction.

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Pending IPO

During pending IPOs, our escrow services safeguard funds raised, releasing them only upon the successful completion of the IPO, ensuring investor confidence and regulatory compliance.

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Corporate restructuring

We can hold funds or assets securely during the restructure, providing a layer of financial assurance and stability.

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Private equity and hedge fund capital raising

Our escrow services for private equity and hedge fund capital raising ensure the secure holding of raised capital, releasing it based on the achievement of predetermined milestones or conditions.

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Segregated collateral accounts

We provide segregated collateral accounts to securely hold collateral assets in escrow, ensuring they are readily available and protected for the duration of a financial obligation.

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Project finance

Our escrow services play a crucial role in managing the disbursement of funds based on project milestones, enhancing trust and fiscal discipline among stakeholders.

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Real estate sales and leaseback

For real estate sales and leaseback transactions, our escrow accounts securely hold funds or property titles, ensuring a transparent and secure exchange process.

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Royalty payments

We provide a secure and systematic way to disburse royalties to rights holders based on agreed terms.

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Patent or copyright licensing.

Our escrow services for patent or copyright licensing trans-actions ensure secure holding and timely disbursement of licensing fees, protecting the interests of both licensors and licensees.

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FundBank: your trusted partner for timely and efficient integrated solutions

At FundBank, we have an experienced team that is a trusted partner for delivering prompt and flexible and customer-centric business escrow services. Our comprehensive suite of integrated banking solutions comprises a wide array of cash management and liquidity products, ensuring precision and efficiency in all types of transactions.

To find out more about our escrow services, please reach out to your usual FundBank representative or contact us below.

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As the needs of the asset management industry are changing, so have the requirements for banking relationships

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