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FundBank provides comprehensive custody solutions with global reach and advanced technological integration to cater to the sophisticated needs of a range of diverse investment clients including:

  • hedge funds
  • private equity funds
  • family offices
  • investment management companies.

We partner exclusively with global, top tier financial institutions including State Street Global and The Bank of New York Mellon to offer investment clients ‘best in class’ counterparty exposure.

With access to a wide range of major markets including the U.S. (DTC/FED), Euroclear/Clearstream, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong, our global reach allows clients to create a consolidated global custody solution.

Our Custodial Services include:

Global custody
Our Global Custody solution provides comprehensive management and oversight of securities and other assets on a worldwide scale, ensuring seamless operation across different markets and regulatory environments. This service is crucial for diversified portfolios, offering centralized administration and risk management for international investments.
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We oversee the efficient and timely execution of securities transactions, including the transfer of securities and payment processing. This ensures the smooth completion of trades, minimizing operational risks and enhancing transactional reliability.
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Safe keeping
FundBank offers secure storage and protection of financial assets, including securities and important documents. This service is essential for safeguarding client assets against loss, theft, or damage, ensuring their integrity and availability when needed.
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Income processing
Our technologically advanced income processing service ensures accurate and timely crediting of investment returns to client accounts, maintaining consistent cash flow.
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Cash management
Our approach transforms your cash balances into a strategic asset, deftly balancing liquidity with yield optimization while adeptly managing risk. Delve into a suite of sophisticated services encompassing precise cash forecasting, strategic concentration, seamless disbursement, and astute investment of surplus funds, all tailored to elevate your portfolio’s performance.
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Corporate actions
Navigate the complexities of mergers, stock splits, and dividend payouts with unparalleled precision and insight. Our services are designed to empower your decision-making, ensuring seamless compliance with corporate governance while meticulously safeguarding investor interests through accurate and efficient event processing.
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Proxy voting
Our services not only streamline the voting process for shareholders at crucial company meetings but also amplify their impact on key corporate decisions. We expertly manage voting rights, offer strategic recommendations, and execute votes with precision, aligning seamlessly with your directives to shape the future of your investments.
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Trade and portfolio reporting
Dive into the heart of your financial strategy with our comprehensive and meticulously crafted reports on trading activities and portfolio performance. These reports are more than just numbers; they’re a gateway to crucial insights, guiding your decision-making, fine-tuning investment strategies, and providing a crystal-clear view of risk and return dynamics, propelling your portfolio towards its maximum potential.
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Why partner with FundBank?

Unsurpassed technological integration
Our team of banking professionals leverage proprietary technology solutions including multicurrency global processing systems with enhanced corporate action reporting, allowing us to report information to our clients in a more efficient and timely manner.
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Tailored control
Customized to meet your unique needs, we provide an Online Custody Portal, offering summaries and detailed record-keeping of all transactions executed on behalf of the fund. Effortlessly access real-time portfolio valuations and transaction reports, giving you the flexibility to monitor and manage your investments with precision and ease.
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Advanced security protections
Our custody solutions are anchored in top-tier security measures, including multi-layered encryption and rigorous surveillance. We prioritize the safety of your assets with continuous monitoring and sophisticated access controls, ensuring their protection against all forms of risks. Trust us to maintain the highest standard of security, offering you peace of mind for your investments.
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Fund custody

FundBank is committed to providing timely and efficient trade execution and custody services tailored specifically to its fund custody clients. Our focus is on streamlining the administrative workload associated with investment management, offering personalized solutions that align with diverse investment strategies.

By offering assistance with the completion and distribution of investment subscription and redemption documents, custody of Fund of Fund assets, and notification of all corporate actions to investment managers, FundBank aims to provide reliable and seamless support to fund managers. With its expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities, FundBank is able to provide fit-for-purpose, compliant solutions to its clients, enabling them to focus on their core activities of investing and generating returns. At the core of FundBank’s Fund Custody services lie trust, security, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that every investment client receives a service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations in managing and safeguarding investment portfolios.


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