Operating accounts

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Operating accounts are crucial for asset management firms, providing the liquidity needed to respond quickly to investment opportunities and unexpected expenses. These accounts are instrumental in managing the day-to-day financial operations of funds.

Enhancing operational liquidity for hedge funds and asset managers

Our operating bank accounts ensure financial fluidity, efficient management of day-to-day expenses, and simplified adherence to regulatory compliance. Their significance lies in providing a robust financial infrastructure that supports the fund’s functionality and fosters investor confidence in its operations.

Liquidity to capitalize on market fluctuations

FundBank offers a suite of operational banking services that They allow the investment vehicle to access the immediate funds required for timely investment opportunities or to cover unforeseen expenses. This liquidity ensures that there is the ability to capitalize on market fluctuations or meet financial obligations without delay, contributing to agility and a competitive edge.

Enhance investor confidence with segregated operational accounts

Our operational accounts for hedge funds aid in segregating operational funds from investors’ assets, maintaining a clear distinction between operational expenses and the capital invested by clients. This separation ensures transparency and accountability for asset management firms, aligning with regulatory requirements and investor expectations.

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