Custodial bank accounts

Service beyond expectations

Given the complex nature of the asset management industry and the current regulatory landscape, custodial accounts serve as a trusted intermediary, ensuring transparency and accountability in handling assets.

Essential operational banking to safeguard assets and streamline transactions

Custodial accounts play a critical role in safeguarding assets and facilitating transactions, contributing to the stability and credibility of financial operations. Our custodial bank accounts offer investors peace of mind by securing assets and streamlining operational functions.

We offer comprehensive custodial services designed to meet the complex requirements of modern financial markets. Our custodial bank accounts are equipped to handle:

Asset safekeeping

Our approach minimizes risk and shields assets from unauthorized access, providing a secure environment that instills confidence among investors. This includes both physical and electronic securities, managed within fortified infrastructures and protected by advanced security protocols.

Transaction facilitation

Our custodial accounts facilitate efficient processing of transactions including subscriptions, redemptions, and transfers. Our approach helps maintain liquidity and ensures that investors can manage their investments flexibly, aligning with their financial strategies and market movements.

Regulatory compliance Reserve accounts

Our custodial services are built to comply with international regulatory standards, ensuring that your operations meet global compliance requirements no matter where you operate.

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