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Is an institutional bank right for your fund?

The decision to change to a new bank is not an easy one; potentially straining team resources that are already working at capacity. A familiar story, and one that we hear repeated frequently, is that despite having outgrown a retail banking relationship, the thought of transitioning to a new institutional bank is daunting. The decision can, however, become unavoidable. It is often preceded by an increase in growth, complexity, and the overall needs of the fund. Relying on retail banking arrangements to effectively serve institutional requirements, simply to avoid a conversion process, can eventually prove costly. Lapses in service, together with the inability to access the fund banking experts and advanced banking technology that are essential to successfully scale, can prevent a fund from competing and performing well.
Is an institutional bank right for your fund?

Retail banks prioritize serving retail customers over institutional clients. However, when an institutional client must switch banks because a retail bank is exiting the market, it presents an ideal opportunity to upgrade to full institutional banking capabilities.

It’s important to select an institutional bank that has a robust and proven conversion process with full ownership of deliverables and timelines. Choosing the right institutional bank for your fund, one that is equipped with advanced banking technology to further automate your funds activities, will ensure fast and accurate conversion.

Why choose FundBank?


FundBank excels in providing banking to the asset management industry. 100% of FundBank’s global resources are dedicated to serving private funds. As an institutional bank, and in contrast to retail banks, we focus solely on serving funds as our highest priority. Our teams of global fund experts in Europe, North America, and the Cayman Islands provide 24/7, high-quality client service to meet the most demanding institutional needs. Our industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and innovative trust banking approach distinguish us from our competitors and consistently ensure exceptional results for our clients.


We invest heavily in advanced technology to help our people multiply their capabilities and deliver unparalleled client service, helping our clients to succeed.

Superior banking technology tools can translate data from legacy systems and formats into new institutional banking infrastructure in a way that it is usable from day one, such as converting historical data into new formats. Choosing an institutional bank with expertise in aggregating, validating, and managing vast volumes of unstructured data enables you to seamlessly meet regulatory, investor, and third-party reporting obligations.

An institutional bank must demonstrate a proven conversion planning and execution methodology, advanced technology, and experienced change managers. An institution with modern, scalable technology infrastructure and expert people can make the transition seamless and painless.

FundBank’s fully-digitized onboarding experience allows clients to open and manage their accounts within 48 hours.

FundBank Sphere, our intuitive client portal offers clients 24/7 access to complete banking services quickly and securely, without the need for face-to-face interaction or paper documentation. It offers the highest security encryption, ensuring that our clients’ information is always secure.

Safety and reliability

Unlike retail banks that are leveraged by design, FundBank holds all client funds in trust. It does not engage in any lending, investing, or other leveraged activity to ensure client funds are always secure and available, even during market volatility. To learn more about how FundBank can deliver your institutional banking needs, contact us below.

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