How To Submit A Complaint

FundBank Ltd. (the “Bank”) is obliged to recognize the need for transparency and fairness in its dealings. We take your concerns and complaints seriously and are committed to doing all we can to resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

A complaint is a formal, written document informing us of an alleged instance or a series of alleged instances when a Company Representative did not perform their duties efficiently, professionally, transparently, efficiently, courteously, or fairly.

Step 1: Tell Us About It

Most client concerns are resolved quickly – send an email to or write to:

The Complaints Officer

FundBank Ltd.

The White House

20 Genesis Close

PO Box 2633, KY1 1102

The Cayman Islands

Step 2: We Respond, Investigate and Resolve

Our Complaints Officer will respond within five (5) business days and commence an investigation to determine what went wrong – and determine how to fix it.

If the investigation takes longer than ten (10) business days, we will reach out to you with an update. However, most concerns are resolved within ten (10) business days of receiving a complaint.

After an investigation has been completed, you’ll receive an email explaining how we plan to address your complaint.

Step 3: Refer It To A Higher Level For Review

In the unlikely event that your complaint was not resolved to your satisfaction, you can refer the matter to the Chief Risk Officer – send an email to You will need to let us know why you remain dissatisfied, and the Chief Risk Officer will ensure that your complaint is reviewed objectively, fairly, and reasonably.