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FundBank Employee Spotlight – Adam Rossiter, Chief Operating Officer

Adam Rossiter is the Chief Operating Officer at FundBank in the Cayman Islands. With over 22 years of experience in the financial services and alternative asset management industry, Adam has continued to contribute to the Bank's growth and expansion since joining in January 2019.

His professional journey encompasses two distinct phases. Initially, he honed his expertise working within leading fund administrator firms located in the US, Dublin, and the Cayman Islands. Later, he transitioned into the banking sector, where he learned the fundamentals required to run an institutional banking platform. His diverse background has equipped him with a deep understanding of banking operations, securities services, technology, and the alternative asset management industry.

What sets Adam apart is his ability to establish meaningful connections with clients, founded on his insight into the alternative asset management industry and cutting-edge technology designed to mitigate risk and enhance the overall client banking experience. As a forward-thinking leader with extensive experience in technology, he is a fundamental part of guiding FundBank towards a digitally oriented future.

Notably, Adam played a pivotal role in executing the separation of FundBank from the Waystone Group, exemplifying his instrumental role in shaping the institution’s identity. As FundBank embarks on its next chapter, marked by expanded service offerings and a global reach, Adam will remain a driving force essential to its transformative journey.

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Adam Rossiter


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