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FundBank donates to The Cayman Arts Trust

FundBank s very happy to have made a recent donation to The Cayman Arts Trust, a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2017. The goal of this organization is to provide equitable access to music and performing arts lessons for disadvantaged students across the Cayman Islands. To date, the Cayman Arts Trust has provided free camps, instrumental and performing arts lessons for over 200 Caymanian students.

Lori Webb-Griffith, Chief Risk Officer at FundBank is pictured with Janine Stabler on behalf of The Cayman Arts Trust.
Lori Webb-Griffith pictured with Janine Stabler on behalf of The Cayman Arts Trust outside of a building.

FundBank’s Commitment to the Cayman Islands Community

Colm O’Driscoll, CEO commented “As part of our continued focus on giving back to the community – I am delighted that FundBank has been able to support the Cayman Arts Trust. We look forward to continuing our support throughout the Cayman Islands community as we go into 2024.”



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